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Misalignment Couplings: couplers to fit your specific application
Precision Cut Gears: spur, helical, standards + customs

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Precision Ground Shafting
303, 316, 17-4PH, 12L14
Precision Ground Shafting
303/316/17-4ph/12L14 Ground Shafts
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  Precision Ground 303 Stainless Shafting (Inch-Metric)
  PDF PDF: User machinable, various diameters per size
  PDF PDF: Bearing toleranced in 1/8" length increments
  Precision Ground Fractional Size Shafting (Inch-Metric)
  PDF PDF: 303 Stainless Steel Shafting
  PDF PDF: 316 Stainless Steel Shafting
  PDF PDF: 17-4-Ph Stainless Steel Shafting
  PDF PDF: 12L14 Steel Shafting
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Precision ground shafting with .0002" tolerance
Stock Length tolerances to ±0.010" (Available to ±.005")
Stocked in 303, 316, 17-4Ph, 12L14
Inch and Metric
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Great prices and large stocks on ground shafting
(Call us at 1-888-260-7466 and we will prove it)
Lengths from 1" to 36" from stock
Diameters: .0314 to 1.2497 & 1mm to 30mm
Exact equals to many Precision catalog shafts
Custom shafts to your print with accurate deliveries
(Journals, grooves, holes, etc, Stainless, Alloy Steel, what do you need?)
(email at sales@ondrivesus.com for a quick response)

Larger diameters and longer lengths call 1-888-260-7466
(email at sales@ondrivesus.com for a quick response)
Large quantities - 100 to 10,000 produced quickly

Call us at 1-888-260-7466
Fax us at 1-516-771-6444
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