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Flat Gearboxes
Servo-Beam Coupling
Lower cost than Bellows
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Rapid Response Engineering
Expert Gearbox Solutions: miniature, low backlash, worm/wheel + bevel
You can get standard, customized, custom or your design gearbox!
Misalignment Couplings: couplers to fit your specific application
Precision Cut Gears: spur, helical, standards + customs

- ISO9001:2008 Certified - 3D CAD -
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Gearboxes & Gear Products
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Precision Mechanical Components
...complete precision parts manufacturing

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+ Precision manufactured in our ISO9001:2008 certified facility
+ Precision shoulder screws in 303 and 416 standards and customs + Custom precision screws and shoulder screws
  Cam Follower Custom Screws Ondrives.US Corp. Exact Equals  
  Cam Followers Custom Screws Dowel Pins Exact Equals to
Catalog Items
  Precision 4 Screw Collar Precision 1 Screw Collar Precision Inner-Race Collar Precision Clamp  
  Precision Collar
Four Screws
Precision Collar
One Screw
Precision Bearing
Inner Race Collar
Precision Split Hub
Shaft Clamp
  Precision Shaft Clamp- Balanced Precision Clamp Flange Support  
  Precision Shaft Clamp
Precision Motor Clamp Feather Keys .Flange Mounts
for Bearings, etc
  Stud Support Grooved Shafting Precision Ground Shafts  
  .Stud Mounts
for Bearings, etc.
Grooved Shafts Ground Shafts
303, 316,17-4ph 12L14
Removable Top
Shaft Support
  Thrust Washers Shoulder Screws
Precision 303/416
Spacers for
Bearings & Shafts
.Tipped Set Screws  
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  Spur Gears
Flat and Hub
Anti-Backlash Gears Worm Gears Worms  
  Helical Gears Bevel Gears Gear Racks
Round (top) & Rectangular
Delrin™ Gears  
  Non-Metallic Gear Custom Gears